Wheal Betsy, Dartmoor

The Wheal Betsy on Dartmoor which is situated just off the A386 between Okehampton and Tavistock in Devon.

This is the the last standing engine house on Dartmoor and is a fabulous place to visit not only for its views, but for the location itself which is a great reminder of our once thriving mining history on the moor.

Timelapse, Burrator Reservoir, Dartmoor

A timelapse film from around Burrator Reservoir, Dartmoor in Devon. Dedicated to all walkers, runners and cyclist who enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Burrator Reservoir, come rain or shine.

My Clock

A short film submitted to Philip Bloom’s challenge on Vimeo for a single object.

Decided to make a short of my own clock and although not the best clock in the world, it was ideal for making something out of nothing. It was filmed on the Canon 7d, and as I didn’t have a decent macro lens, I used a 50mm lens with close-up lenses.

A visit to Buttermere Lake

A place I’ve always wanted to visit, and having heard so much about and viewed so many amazing photos, the Lake District was to be our destination for this year’s holiday. We did our research and with Buttermere coming up as one of the best locations to visit, we were booked and ready for our long journey from Plymouth.

Day Return, behind the scenes

I’ve recently worked on another behind the scenes project, ‘Day Return’ written and directed by Ashley Wing and Clayton Fussell.

Paranormal, Britain’s Greatest Haunts

The paranormal is a subject that has interested me for quite sometime. I spent a few years filming investigations myself and after not getting any real confirmed results and not to mention the trouble I had with some paranormal groups and the many fakes you come across in this field, I gave it up.

Life at Woodside

A documentary style promotional film about the Woodside Animal Welfare Trust based in Elfordleigh, Plymouth, as they continue their hard work and dedication to the rescue and re-homing of unwanted and/or neglected animals.

Dartmoor, The Big Sky

A Time-lapse photography film of Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England. Shot on a Canon 400d Digital Camera (DSLR), approx. 17,000 still images.

The Making of Robbing Peter

A behind the scenes documentary for the short film ‘Robbing Peter’ Directed by Ashley Wing and Clayton Fussell of Cottage Industry Films.

Paranormal, Shaugh Tunnel – Part One

In 2007 I started a new project called Pulse-tv, which documented the paranormal. This was our very first production, a paranormal investigation conducted at Shaugh Tunnel on Dartmoor, Devon.

Haunted Devon – The Old Tin Mine

A pilot episode presented by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield which follows an investigation into the unknown alongside U.K Paranormal group Haunted Devon.

Brixham Battery

This is a promotional film I produced for The Brixham Battery Heritage Centre Group. A group of volunteers helping to restore an old World War II Battery and provide on-site information to the general public.

Behind The Lines

Behind The Lines is a documentary looking into the making of Between The Lines, a short-film directed by Ashley Wing of Tiny World Productions.

In Darkness

In 2006 I collaborated as a producer and camera operator for the short film, ‘In Darkness’ written and directed by Kriss Ellis Stansfield.


Tomie is a short film about a single mum whose depression has reached a point of no return. This was my very first attempt at making a short film and was inspired by feelings and worries I had at the time of losing my own child.