You would think that a castle in England which is regarded as ‘Britain’s last castle’ would be a place which dates back centuries and had seen its fair share of battles throughout its time. Instead you might be surprised to learn, like me, that Castle Drogo in Drewsteignton is in fact only 83 years old.

The castle was was built by Julius Drewe and took 15 years to complete due to delays from the outbreak of World War I and the economic downturn. Unfortunately Julius didn’t get chance to enjoy his dream home for long, as he died a year later after it was completed in 1930.

Over the years the Drewe family continued to live at the castle and, at one stage was turned into a home for babies made homeless during World War II. As time went on the castle began to show signs of leaking and water damage which eventually, after many attempts to repair the building, took its toll on the family and in 1973 was sold to the National Trust.

When you explore inside the castle it does feel like it was built only yesterday, but as you delve deeper, you can see that the weather has been its biggest enemy throughout the years.

Overall it’s an impressive castle to explore and hopefully after some much needed restoration, Castle Drogo will be there for future generations to come and remain part of our heritage.

This was a chance for me to test my newly purchased Canon EOS 7D. You’re not allowed to use flash inside the castle so I really had to bump up the ISO settings because some of the rooms were really dark.


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