Poppies, behind the scenes

A behind the scenes photo shoot for the short film, 'Poppies' which was written and directed by Ashley Wing. About: Bill is one of many volunteers to help raise money from his poppy display. But underneath his proud silent stance is a broken man. A traumatic history...

Paranormal, Shaugh Tunnel – Part One

In 2007 I started a new project called Pulse-tv, which documented the paranormal. This was our very first production, a paranormal investigation conducted at Shaugh Tunnel on Dartmoor, Devon.

Haunted Devon – The Old Tin Mine

A pilot episode presented by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield which follows an investigation into the unknown alongside U.K Paranormal group Haunted Devon.

Brixham Battery

This is a promotional film I produced for The Brixham Battery Heritage Centre Group. A group of volunteers helping to restore an old World War II Battery and provide on-site information to the general public.

Behind The Lines

Behind The Lines is a documentary looking into the making of Between The Lines, a short-film directed by Ashley Wing of Tiny World Productions.

In Darkness

In 2006 I collaborated as a producer and camera operator for the short film, ‘In Darkness’ written and directed by Kriss Ellis Stansfield.


Tomie is a short film about a single mum whose depression has reached a point of no return. This was my very first attempt at making a short film and was inspired by feelings and worries I had at the time of losing my own child.